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“Back to the Future” with Glass Ionomer Materials

“Houston, We Have a Problem”…White Spot Lesions!

“Melting Tooth Syndrome”: Recognizing, Treating and Preventing Demineralization

“Smart” Dental Sealants: Innovative Technology Updating a Preventive Staple

10 Strategies to Jump-Start Practice Performance

101 Uses For Flowable Composites

15 Restorative Pearls to Simplify Implant Dentistry

20 Key Uses of Digital Dental Photography

21st Century Approach to Dental Hygiene

21st Century Minimally Invasive Dentistry

3 P's That Define Your Restorative Success

3 Reasons Why You Should Only Discuss Essential Treatment First

3D Dentistry Roadmap: Paradigm Shift Ahead

4 Rules for Staff Compensation

4 Ways To Become A Better CEO

5 Key Elements of Successful and Profitable Cosmetic Dentistry

5 Myths About New Patients That Could Be Costing You Thousands - What Every Dentist Needs to Know

5 Secrets to Retentive and Efficient Crown Preps

5 Steps To Prepare for Profits

5 Steps to YES! for Periodontal Therapy

5 Strategies To Get Patients In the Chair

7 Best Crown and Bridge Gems for Your Practice

7 Signs You’re Busy, But Not Productive

8 Steps to Solid Fees

9 Ways to Curb Cancellations

A Case Study Approach Utilizing Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride Therapies

A Clinical Guide To Universal Adhesives - How To Achieve Predictable, Successful Results

A Clinician’s Guide to Cementing and Bonding Contemporary Dental Materials - Part 1

A Clinician’s Guide to Cementing and Bonding Contemporary Dental Materials - Part 2

A Full Circle Approach to Basic Impression Taking: Update

A Jet Tour of Esthetic Materials: Ceramics, Cements, and Composites

A More Natural Approach to Oral Health

A New Approach to the Traditional Dental Sealant

A New Focus on Bioactive and Biocompatible Materials

A New Milestone in Veneer Technology: COMPONEER™

A New Periodontal Code Is Here! Now What?

A New Perspective on Pre-prosthetic Treatment Options & Troubleshooting Attachment Challenges

A New Simpler Way to Bond eMax and All Ceramic Restorations

A Paradigm Shift for the Diagnosis of Dental Caries Part 2

A Paradigm Shift for the Treatment of Dental Caries Part 1

A Practical Approach to Implementing the “New” AAP Guidelines for Classification of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases and Conditions

A Practical Guide to Varnish

A Predictable Implant Workflow for a Better Patient Experience

A Primer on Cannabis and Its Effect on Dental Treatment

A Quick Guide to Bonding and Cementation

A Step by Step Guide to Sculpting Posterior Direct Restorative Beauty!

A Troubleshooting Guide to Better Impressions

A View from the Top: 5 Must-Have Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Incognito™ Appliance System Practice

AcceleDent - Amplify Clinical Confidence and Predictability in Aligner Therapy

Accelerate New Patient Calls with Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerate Your Practice: Advanced Treatment Planning Techniques

Accelerate Your Practice: Case Management Principles for Accelerated Treatment

Accelerate Your Practice: Enhance Efficiency with Accelerated Treatment and Digital Orthodontics

Accelerate Your Practice: Leveraging Virtual Treatment Tools to Maximize Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Outcomes

Accelerated Aligner Therapy: Precision Taken to the Next Level

Accelerated Orthodontics with Pulsatile Forces: Where’s the Evidence?

Accelerated Treatment for the Class II Patient

Accelerating Orthodontics – Faster Tooth Movement with Pulsatile Forces

Acceptable Waterline Quality: How Much is Enough?

Accurate and Efficient Crown and Bridge Preparations and Impressions

Achieving Exceptional Customer Service

Achieving Highly Esthetic Smile Designs for and with Your Patients

Achieving Outstanding Cosmetic Results in less steps with a Simplified Composite and a new Pink Composite

Achieving Predictable Success With Endodontics Using Controlled Memory NiTi Files

Achieving Predictable, Clinical Outcomes with Digital Impressions

Achieving Success with Immediate Loading of Dental Implants: From Diagnosis to Execution of the Plan

Achieving Superb Crown and Bridge Impressions: Materials and Techniques

Adding Fiber to Your Day - Contemporary Techniques Using Fiber Reinforcement

Adhesion GPS - Navigating the New World of Adhesive Dentistry

Adhesion of a Post and Core System (Part 2 of 2)

Adhesion Strategies for Restoration Longevity

Adhesive Cementation - A Practical Approach

Adhesive Dentistry and Direct Restoratives: Is Newer Always Better

Adhesive Dentistry, Glass Ionomers, and Bioactive Materials

Adhesive Postendodontic Restoration: When, What and How to Use It

Adhesives - What Makes Them Work

Adhesives and Primers: First Steps to a Successful Restoration

Advance Your Endo with Apical Negative Pressure Irrigation

Advanced Direct and Indirect Bonding Techniques and Materials

Advanced Nickel Titanium Rotary Instrumentation Leading to Effective Root Canal Disinfection

Advanced Prosthetic Options Utilizing Implants and IPS e.max

Advanced TAD Cases

Advancements in Restorative Dentistry

Advances In Composite Dentistry: Simplifying Placement and Improving Results

Advances in Composite Restorative Dentistry: A Blend Of Artistry, Materials, And Technique

Advances in Composites and “Smart” Restorative Materials

Advances in Digital Caries Detection - Are You Seeing the “Total Picture” of Your Patients’ Caries Status

Advances in Digital Caries Detection Technology

Advances in Flowable Composite Technologies

Air Polishing vs. Aqueous Powder Streaming

Airway Support: Retain Healthy Enamel During Treatment

All About Varnishes

All Ceramic and Digital Dentistry

All in the Family - Streamlining the Crown and Bridge Workflow

All That Remains: Forensic Odontology and the Role of the Dental Professional

All-Ceramic Crowns: Restorative Principles, Types and Preparations

All-on-4 Implant Surgical and Restorative Updates

Amalgam Management and the 7 Deadly Sins of Posterior Composites

Amalgam Separator 101

An Adhesive Design Concept: The Inverse Injection Composite Layering Technique

An Alternative to Prescribing Opioids

An Essential Adjunct to Modern Esthetic Dentistry

An Indirect Approach to Using Direct Composite Veneers

An Update on Prevention Treatment Gels and Toothpastes: What’s in Your Tube

Anatomically Driven Biologic Endodontics

Anterior Composites - A Practical Guide

Anterior-posterior Control with the Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) System: Part 1

Anterior-posterior Control with the Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) System: Part 2

APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive: The Game-Changer In Orthodontic Bonding

Apical Surgery - Techniques and Tips to Maximize Success

Applying Flowable Composites for Everyday Dentistry

Archwire Sequencing for Passive Self Ligation

Are Multiple Dental Practices In Your Future?

Are We Asking Too Much of Fluoride

Are You A Boss or A Leader

Are You Putting Me On - Simplifying the Latest Cementation Techniques and Materials

Are You Ready for Laser Technology

Are You Sensitive

Are You Suffering From Cementation Anxiety?

Assessing Anesthetic Options for Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Atraumatic Extraction - The Precursor to Esthetic and Functional Tooth Replacement

Autogenous Tooth as a Source for Bone Graft Material

Award Winning Products and Clinical Problem Solvers

Barrier Membranes in Dental Surgery

Basics of Implant Placement Protocols

Basics of Oral Suturing: Armamentarium, Material, and Techniques

Be a Hero with Innovative Dental Materials and Technologies

Be SMART: Improve Your Practice with Silver Diamine Fluoride and Glass Ionomer Cement

Beautiful and Functional Restorations Using Injectable Composite

Become a Caries Risk Factor Manager

Become that Extraordinary Dental Assistant - Communication Skills

Becoming a Digital Orthodontist - Top 10 Social Media & Digital Marketing Tips

Benefiting your Patients and Practice with Enhanced Fluoride Pastes and Gels

Best Practices and Simple Solutions in Sterilization

Best Practices vs. Common Practices in Instrument Processing

Best Ways to Reward and Motivate Your Team

Better Bonding and the Incognito™ Appliance System

Better Bonding to Non-Enamel Surfaces

Better Diagnosis and Treatment Through Advanced Imaging

Better Packing and Heat Curing Techniques

Better, Faster, Safer Prevention - The Role of Ultrasonics and Fluorides

Beyond Resin: How a New Bioceramic Luting Agent will Change Your Practice (2014 Update)

Big Equipment = Big Decisions: Compressors, Suction, and Amalgam Separators

Bioactive Materials for Safeguarding the Pulp

BioActive Oral Medicine

Bioactive Restoratives: Giving Teeth What They Want

Bioactivity and “Sealing the Gaps” with Crown and Bridge Cements

Bioburden in Tips

Biomimetic Dentistry - A Paradigm Shift

Biomimicry Part II: The Evolution of Truly Restorative Dentistry Continues

Biomimicry: Changing from “Reparative” Dentistry to Restorative Dentistry

Bleaching: Making it Work for You and Your Patients

Blending Heat, Design, and Motion for Effective NiTi Rotary Instrumentation

Blinded by My Dentist

Bond or Cement: How to Choose Between the Glues We Use

Bondage - The Universal Adhesive

Bonded Porcelain Restorations

Bonding Excellence - Material Updates and Technique Tips to Make Your Best Better

Bonding Excellence: Making Your Best Better

Bonding For Phased Treatment

Bonding Indirect Ceramics

Bonding of Today's Materials In the 21st Century

Bonding Techniques for Lingual Appliances (2014)

Bonding to Zirconia: Myths, Reality, and Current State of the Art

Bone Graft Armamentarium: Instruments for Simple Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting Basics: Socket Preservation Armamentarium and Technique

Bone Grafting for Optimal Implant Placement

Bone Grafting for the Dental Surgeon

Boost Your Clinical Efficiency & Practice Economics with Innovative Orthodontic Technologies

Brain-Guided Implantology: Keys to Success

Breaking Down Dental Cementation: Tips, Tricks, and Trends for Success

Breakthrough Shaping Technique using the Latest NiTi Instrumentation and Adaptive Motion Technology

Broken Appointments: Causes and Remedies

Broken Appointments: Protocol and Systems

Building Up Teeth with Fiber Posts - Appearance and Strength

Building Your Aesthetic Restorative Practice

Bulk Filling Innovations: The Truths, Myths and Science Behind the Products

Bulk Me Up - Using Bulk Fill Composite Materials and Techniques for Predictable Posterior Results

Bulk Me Up - Using Bulk Fill Materials and Techniques for Outstanding Direct Posterior Results

Bulking Up Profits

Bullet Proof Recommendations for Successful Composite Restorations

Bumps, Lumps, Red and White Things in the Mouth

CAD/CAM Crowns - Is this the Best Solution

CAD/CAM Resin-Ceramic Restorations

CAD/CAM ROI: 3 Insider Tips from a Million Dollar Practice

CAD/CAM Workflow for Implant Supported Restorations Using the CEREC System

California Dental Practice Act

CAMBRA Simplified: Tips to Make Caries Management Do-Able in the Office

CAMBRA Strategies - Successful Integration into Your Practice

CAMBRA: Communication, Documentation & Profitability (3 of a 3-part series)

CAMBRA: Implementation & Products for the Private Practice (2 of a 3-part series)

CAMBRA: Putting the Paradigm Shift into Action

Can We Regrow Tooth Structure?

Can You Afford To Give Raises

Can't Touch This - How to Optimize Cleaning and Surface Disinfection in the Clinical Setting

Cancelled Appointments are Holding You Back

Capitalizing on the Research and Development Behind Materials that Re-create Natural Esthetics

Caries Detection and Beyond for the Modern Capable Dentist

Caries Detection Today

Caries Infection Healing Strategies - What's the Evidence

Caries Management (CAMBRA) Refined for the Private Practice (1 of a 3-part series)

Caries, Erosion, Dentin Hypersensitivity, and Periodontal Disease

Cariology and CAMBRA

Cariostatic Pediatric Care: Glass Ionomers, Silver Compounds and Truly Noninvasive Care

Case Management Principles for Passive Self Ligation

Cement it or bond it? What's the Difference?

Cementation & Bonding for A Fast Paced World: Simple and Predictable

Cementation and Modern Indirect Materials

Cementation Confusion: The Ins and Outs of Everyday State-of-the-Art Cementation

Cementation Decisions Made Easy

Cementation for the Everyday Practice

Cementation GPS - Navigating the Complicated World of Cementation Today

Cementation Options with Cerec Restorations

Cementation Protocols for Provisional and Definitive Placement of Indirect Dental Restorations

Cementation Strategies for Restoration Longevity

Cementation: A Clear Understanding to Predictability

Cementations and Ceramics Decoded

Cementing Long Term Results for Your Patients

Cements and Ceramics

CEREC Preparation Designs: Choosing the Right Cement

Chairside Placement of Implant Overdenture Attachments

Chairside Thoughts of an Everyday Impressionist

Children Hospitalized from Contaminated Dental Unit Water -- Could this Happen in Your Office?

Children's Dentistry for the GP

Choosing a Dental Handpiece: Air or Electric - What is Right for You?

Class II Correction (with Forsus™ Class II Correctors) for Beginners - Part I

Class-IV Restorations: Simplified, Esthetic & Predictable

Clean Hands, Healthier Lives

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sterilizing in the Dental Office

Clinical Considerations with New Generation, Translucent, Full Contour Zirconia

Clinical Performance & Profitability of TADs

Clinical Performance of a Clear Passive Self Ligation Bracket

Clinical Success with a New Low Shrinking Nano-hybrid

Clinical Success with Chairside Denture Reline Materials

Clinical Success with Composite Resins

Clinical Techniques to Master the Final Impression Using a Modern Impression Material

Collagen Membranes in Bone Regeneration

Common Violations in Surface Disinfection

Commonly Confused and Clinically Misused Restorative Materials

Complementary, Alternative, or Integrative Health - Understanding Drug-Supplement Interactions

Complete Denture Technique: The Fundamentals

Complex Endodontic Treatment Planning

Composite Artistry: Advanced Concepts in Layering, Finishing, and Polishing

Composite Capers: Esthetic Applications Beyond the Ordinary

Composite Core Build-ups for Crowns

Composite Dentistry in our New Dental World

Composite is My Friend - Adventures in Anterior Guidance

Composite Placement Using Stratification and Bulk Fill Techniques

Composite’s Remarkable One Visit Solutions

Composites and Glass Ionomers - A Restorative Option

Composites to Crowns – Clinically Proven Techniques for Outstanding Results

Comprehensive Care Using Direct Restorations 2019

Conquering Conflict

Conservative and Affordable Full Mouth Rehabilitation Utilizing Composite

Conservative and Beautiful Anterior Esthetics Using Composite Materials

Conservative Restorative Treatment of Severely Worn Teeth

Contemporary Adhesive Strategies: Why Adhesion is the Most Important Layer for Maximizing Clinical Outcomes

Controlled Sensitivity from Our Side of the Chair

Controlling Restorative Costs by Utilizing Materials that Make Direct Anterior and Posterior Composites Fast, Efficient and Sensitivity Free

Converting Adults to Clear Options in Passive Self Ligation

Converting Adults with Digital Orthodontic Treatment Alternatives

Coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coping with Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered

Core Elements and Best Practices in Reprocessing Dental Instruments

Core Materials – Which to choose and Which to use

Correct Access Design – the Gateway to Better Endodontics

Course Cements 101 Part 2: Self-Adhesive Cements, Simplified

Covering all the Angles - The Theory of Technique and How to Get it Right in Practice

COVID-19 and other Respiratory Viruses: What Every Dental Practice Needs to Know

COVID-19 and the Dental Practice

Cracking the Sterilization Packaging Code

Creating a “Miracle Match” Chameleon Effect, and Reduce Your Composite Inventory

Creating Functional and Aesthetic Provisional Restorations

Creating Lifelike Restorations with New Hybrid CAD/CAM Materials

Creating Long Term Esthetics and Reliability in Today’s Demanding World

Creating Micro-Esthetics in Direct Composite: One Simple Tool, Multiple Functions

Creating Natural Esthetics with Newly Developed Composites: Restoring the Tooth from the Inside Out

Creating Natural Esthetics with Next Generation Composites

Creating Surface Morphology, Texture and Final Luster for Anterior Direct Composite Restorations

Creating the Predictable Impression System

Creating the Ultimate Posterior Direct Restorations

Cross-Coding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing for Oral Cancer Screenings

Crown and Bridge Made Easy

Crown and Bridge Made Easy: A Handful of Tips to Make the Day Go Smoothly

Crown Delivery Made Simple

Cultural Competence and the Delivery of Dental Health Care

Curing Composites Is More Than Shining A Light

Curing Dental Composites Faster than the Speed of Light

Current Concepts for Dentin Hypersensitivity – Clinical Strategies for Prevention and Treatment

Current Concepts in Adhesion for Direct Restorations

Current Concepts in Aesthetic Anterior Composites

Current Maintenance Strategies for Teeth and Implants: Similarities and Differences

Current State-of-the-Art in Universal Adhesives

Cutting the Cord - Superior Crown and Bridge Impressions without Retraction Cord

De-Mystifying Modern Cement Selection for Indirect Restorations

Debunking the Myths of Cementation

Decreasing the Class II Placement Stress

Delayed Restoration of Full Arch Cases Using Intra-oral Welding

Demin/Remin: The Ever Evolving Cycle in the Oral Cavity

Demystifying Cements and Bonding Agents for Today's Busy Practice

Demystifying Digital Orthodontics

Demystifying the Myths and Facts Behind Adhesive Cementation

Demystifying The Placement of Direct Composite Restorations: Which Material for Which Clinical Situation?

Dental Bone Grafting with Collagen Membranes

Dental Caries - Examining the Evolution of Detection, Intervention, and Prevention

Dental Caries A pH Mediated Disease - Finding the Right Treatment Fit

Dental Implant Maintenance - When, How and Why for all Team Members

Dental Implants - Maintenance Strategies

Dental Insurance: Is Ignorance Bliss?

Dental Stem Cells - Preparing Your Patients for the Future

Dentine Bonding Agents - How, What, Why, When and Where

Dentine Hypersensitivity – Strategies for Prevention and Treatment

Dentistry 2030

Dentistry and the Cancer Patient: How to Treat and Manage the Oral Sequelae of Cancer Therapies

Dentistry for Sale – What Makes a Patient Buy into a Treatment Plan

Dentistry’s Top Practice Management Issues Affecting Growth

Denture Relines: The Hard and Soft of it all!

Detect Early and Restore Minimally - Diagnose Caries and Other Restorative Needs Earlier

Developing Predictable Esthetics with High Tech Composite Resins

Diagnosis and Outcome in Endodontics in the 3D Imaging Era

Diagnostic Concepts for Guided Surgery Applications - Single Tooth to Full Arch Restorations

Different Techniques for Fabricating Aesthetic Provisionals and Intra-oral Mock-ups

Differentiate with 3D in a DIY Ortho World

Differentiate Your Consultations – Differentiate Your Practice

Digital CAD/CAM Technology and Same Day Dentistry Will Change the Way You Practice in the Future

Digital Dentures - Is This Process Right for Me?

Digital Diagnostics

Digital Impressions, CAD/CAM Restoration and High Technology Products-In Your Office and In The New Dental Lab

Digital Radiography 2-D to 3-D and Everything in Between

Digital Radiography 2014: Are You Ready?

Digital Radiography in the Pediatric Dentist Office

Digital Radiography, Oral Photography and Their Standards in Dentistry

Digital Setup and the Incognito™ Appliance System: Making us Better Orthodontists

Ding-dong the String Floss Witch is Dead

Direct Anterior and Posterior Composite Restorations

Direct Bonding Techniques Using Photo-Initiated Adhesives

Direct Composite Resin Restorations - Preparing for the Amalgam Phase Down

Direct Composite Restorations: Components for Success

Direct Composite Restorations: Fast, Easy, Predictable and Profitable!

Direct Dentistry: Are We Improving

Direct Posterior Composite Restorations

Direct Posterior Composites: A Rapid, Simplified Placement Technique

Direct Resin Update: Still Having Sensitivity Issues?

Direct Restorative Dentistry Updates

Direct Restorative Solutions to treat "Black Triangles"

Direct vs. Indirect - The Clinical Rationale

Do Your Instrumentation Systems Create Frustration or Results?

Don't Go Postal Over Post and Cores

Don’t Have Job Descriptions? Here’s Why You Should!

Don’t Let Your Anesthetic Be a Pain

Don’t Let Your Provisionals Look Temporary

Don’t Sleep On GIs: How Glass Ionomer Can Benefit Your Patients and Practice

Dr. Ataii’s 5 Steps to Increasing Clear Aligner Treatments

Drugs and Alcohol - How Addiction Can Impact Your Patients and Practice

Dry Mouth - Much More than Just Irritating

Dry Mouth Discomfort Treatment: A Novel Approach

Dynamic Dentistry: What to consider when treating the Oral Environment Today

Dynamics of Simple Implant Placement and Restoration

Early Light Elastics Protocols for Passive Self Ligation

Easily Achievable Life-Like Composite Restorations

Effective Tissue Management for Predictable Impression Taking

Efficiency in Endodontics

Efficiency in Implantology: Instrumentation, Protocols, and Setup for the Implantologist

Efficient and Effective Instrument Processing for Dental Teams

Elevating your Instrumentation Skills: the Dental Hygienist Unplugged

Emerging Disease: Fact vs. Myth - A Live Q&A with Dr. Molinari

Ending the Curse of Caries

Engaging with Self Ligation

Enhanced Composite Restoration Through Unique Chemistries

Enhanced Solutions for Screw Retained Restorations

Enhancing Patient Care and Profits

Enhancing Restorations with a New Nano-Hybrid CAD/CAM Composite Block and Technique

Enhancing the Esthetics and Function of Ceramic Restorations: Treatment Planning the Materials, Techniques and Procedures for Optimal Clinical Success

Ensuring Structural Integrity During Restorative Treatment – This is the Core Issue!

Environmental Hygiene: Solutions from Top to Bottom

Epinephrine in Dentistry: Clinical and Safety Considerations

Ergonomics for the Dental Team An Introduction to Working Efficiently and Pain Free

Essential Elements in Achieving the Ideal Impression

Estetica con Resinas Compuestas Anteriores: Arte y Ciencia

Esthetic Alternatives to Direct Composites

Esthetic Dentistry for Tots and Teens

Esthetic Implant-Retained Overdentures

Esthetics and Ceramics

Every Conversation Counts: Optimal Patient Health-365 Days per Year

Everyday Composites Made Easy

Everyday Composites versus Masterful Outcomes

Everyday Practice Basics to Achieve Healthy Enamel

Evolution Not Revolution - Modern Root Canal Shaping

Excellence & Predictability Creating Esthetic Restorations

Excellence in Everyday Direct Composite Restorations

Excellence In Impression Taking

Exceptional New Patient Experience

Expedient And Esthetic Implant Provisional Crowns On Immediately Placed Implants

Explore the Latest Technology in Prophylaxis

Exquisite Anterior Composites

Exquisite Crown and Bridge Provisionalization Made Easy

Exquisite Temporaries Made Simple

EXTRA SMART - A Technical for Expanding the Clinical Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride

Extractions Simplified

Extreme Resin Makeovers: Treating Incisal Attrition and Vertical Collapse with Direct Resin for Reduced Dental Budgets

Eyes Wide Open - A Stroll Into the World of Bioactivity

Face Masks are Your Friends - Wear Them with the Respect They Deserve!

Finally, A Game Changing Technology in Direct Composite Restorations

First Impressions Are Important! Part 1

First Impressions Are Important! Part 2

Five Critical Minutes: Instrument Reprocessing Update 2015

Fixed Functional Class II Correctors: The 5 Most Common Questions and Answers

Flavor Vs Function: A Look at Rationale for Fluoride Varnish Product of Choice

Flowable Composite Resins: A Truly “Universal” Restorative Material

Fluoride Treatment and Medical Billing - The Dollars and Sense

Fluoride Varnish and Risk Assessment Part 2: Overcoming Barriers in Your Practice

Fluoride Varnish and Risk Assessment: Are you Practicing Traditional Dentistry or Evidence-Based Patient Care

Fluoride Varnish Meeting Individual Needs

Fluoride Varnish: Improving Patient Satisfaction and Office Production

Fluoride White Varnish - Its Use, Hints, and Tips

Fluoride: Bridging the Gap Between In Office and Take Home Prevention Methods

Fluoride: What is it and How Does it Work?

Focus on 'MI' - Implementing Minimally Invasive Treatment in your Practice

Following the Right Path - Glide Path Management and Preparation

Force Levels of Aligning Wires

Form Follows Function: Busting the Myths of Insert Selection

Forsus™ Class II Correctors for Orthodontic Staff: Maximizing Treatment Efficiency

Four Keys to a Thriving Practice in Any Economy

Four Predictable Back to Back Class II's in 30 Minutes

From Diagnostics to Access to Restoration: The Best Clinical Tips for Successful Endodontic Outcomes Part 1

From Diagnostics to Access to Restoration: The Best Clinical Tips for Successful Endodontic Outcomes Part 2

From Explorer to Fluorescence: The Evolution of Caries Detection

From My Side of the Chair

From Vital Pulp Therapy to Anatomically Directed Root Treatment - Everything is Changing

Fundamental Concepts for Restoring the Intraradicular Space

Fusion of Strength, Bio-compatibility, and Esthetics

Gaining Case Acceptance with Incognito™ Hidden Braces

Game Changer: Exploring New High-Strength Aesthetic Dental Ceramics

GC I.Q. One Body Concept: The Fusion of Esthetics and Production

General Principles in Implant Therapy

Generational Differences Fact or Fiction?

Geriatric MID: The New Caries Challenge

Get it Out of the Closet: Using your Intra-oral Camera Everyday and Every Way

Get Over It! Help Your Patients Be Comfortable and Overcome Their Fear

Getting More Patients In The Chair

Getting Your Patients from Cradle to Dorm Caries Free

Giving Patients Hope: Transitioning Difficult Cases Who Have Limited Resources

Glass Ionomer and Predictable Posterior Composites

Glass Ionomers - Advantages for Your Pediatric Patient

Glass Ionomers - As Direct Tooth Colored Restorative Materials

Glass Ionomers - Essential for Optimal Restorative Dentistry

Glass Ionomers: Back to the future!

Glass Ionomers:A Therapeutic Alternative to Direct Composite Restorations

Global Dental Health Trends That Will Change the Way You Deliver Patient Care

Glycine Powder Subgingival Air Polishing: The Power Behind the Powder

Go With the Flow - Are All Flowable Composites the Same

Go With The Flow: What are Flowable Composites and Where are They Used

Got an Endo question? - Ask Rhodes

Grafting Extraction Sockets – Why, With What; & How?

Growing Your Practice with Digital Orthodontics and Customized Appliances

Guidebook for Treating Baby Boomers

Hand Hygiene Update in Dentistry

Hand Hygiene: Keeping It Fresh - and Clean!

Handpiece Sterilization in a Post-Covid-19 World

Hands Free – It’s the Law: Safe Instrument Processing

Hassle Free Cementation - Predictable Bonding Protocols for Every Surface

Health Beyond the Teeth: The Time is Now!

Healthier Supra-gingival, Biocompatible Dentistry

Hearing the Silent Cry for Help

Hemostasis Considerations for GP Surgical Procedures

Hi-Tech Technology to Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness in Endodontic Treatment

High Impact Esthetics - Achieving Maximal Esthetics with Minimal Chair Time

High Strength Ceramics and Cementation Techniques - What’s Out There and How Do We Make Them Stick?

High Tech Diagnostic Skills for the G.P.

High Tech Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment for The Entire Team

How Deep is Your Bug? Treatment for Deep Carious Lesions in Vital Primary Teeth

How Personality Types Affect Your Practice Success

How to Achieve Predictable Esthetics Easily with New Composite Technology

How to Consistently Capture Accurate Impressions

How to Evaluate, Construct and Guide PSL Cases

How to Get the Best Results from Your Bulk Fill Composites

How to Get Your Steri-Center Up to Spec and Why It's Important for Your Business

How To Hire the Best and Fire the Worst

How To Improve Your Team’s Performance

How to Prevent Peri-Implantitis when Cementing Implant Restorations

How to Solve Complicated Cases and Iatrogenic Errors in a Predictable Way

How, When and Why of Restorative Posts Cores

Hybrid Indirect Blocks: CAD/CAM Materials That Mill Fast, Look Great & Fit Exceptionally Well!

Hygiene Department - Tracking for Success

Hygiene Harmony – Synchronize Your Examination and Maximize Your Production

Hygiene Production Down? Let’s Fix It!

I'll Never Do Another Root Canal

Identifying Methamphetamine Abuse and Developing a Treatment Protocol

If Plaque Could Talk

Ignoring Patient Complaints Hurts Your Bottom Line

Imaging for Better Diagnosis and Record Keeping

Immediate Dentin Sealing: The Most Important Advancement in Adhesion Dentistry

Immediate Loading of Implants and Over Dentures: Treatment Planning, Fabrication, and Delivery

Immediate Placement and Provisionalization of Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Impeccable Impressions: The Key to Successful Indirect Restorations

Implant Dentistry - Enhancing Diagnosis, Case Acceptance, and Outcomes

Implant Dentistry - Secrets and Necessities of a Cohesive Dental Implant Team

Implant Retained Overdentures: From Diagnosis to Final, Esthetic Prosthesis

Implantology - Successful Impression Taking

Implementing Fluoride Varnish in Your Office

Implementing the New CDT D4346 Dental Code

Impression Materials and Techniques To Achieve a Better Fitting Restoration

Impression Materials, Techniques, and Laboratory Tips

Impression Techniques

Impressive Impressions: Keys to a Successful Final Restoration

Impressive Impressions. Everytime...

Improving Access and Obturation for More Predictable Endodontic Outcomes

Improving Case Acceptance and Clinical Placement Techniques of a Class II Appliance

Improving Endodontic Outcomes Using the Continuous Wave of Obturation Technique

Improving Indirect Restorations Using State of the Art Materials and Proper Technique

Improving your Caries Prevention Protocol in High Risk Adults

Improving Your Treatment Acceptance

Incorporating An All Tissue Laser in the Practice: Soft Tissue to Cavity Prep to Peri-Implantitis Treatment

Incorporating Intraoral Scanning Into Your Practice - Is it a Positive Disruption

Incorporating the Benefits of an Electric Handpiece

Increase Patient Compliance by Showing Patients What They Can't See

Increased Productivity in the Hygiene Department

Increasing Case Acceptance from Whitening to the Esthetic Dental Procedures

Increasing Efficiency and Profitability with Self-adhesive Flowable composites

Increasing Patient Acceptance with New Technology

Increasing Positive Outcomes for Light Cured Direct Composite Restorations

Increasing Positive Outcomes with Milled Restorative Techniques

Increasing the Success and Predictability of Fixed Prosthodontic Impressions Utilizing a Contemporary Hemostatic Retraction Gel

Increasing Your Case Acceptance with Accelerated Orthodontics

Indirect Anchorage Using the Palate: A Unique Application of the Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device

Indirect/Direct Composite Inlays

Infection Control & Device Reprocessing in the Dental Setting

Infection Control Considerations for the Dental Practice

Infection Control for Dental Technology Equipment

Infection Control in Dental Practice: A Practical Approach

Infection Control in the Real Dental World

Infection Control, Risk Management or Management Risky?

Infection Control: The Dirty Truth and How to Implement a Simplified System for TEAM Collaboration, Safety, and Compliance

Infections: When to Treat, When to Refer, When to Call 911

Injectables Take the Sting Out of Composite Placement

Injection Molding with Sonicfill and the Bioclear Matrix

Innovations in Composite Technology: Versatile, Simplistic and Cost Effective

Innovations in Endodontic Obturation

Innovations in Material Science that Directly Impact Your Dental Business

Innovations in Periodontal Therapy - The Future is Now

Innovative Dental Implant Design for Immediate Loading and Greater Initial Stability

Instrument safety: Reciprocation vs. Rotation. Which is Better?

Integrating Articaine into your Practice to Improve Success

Intermediate Bone Grafting: Combining Bone Allografts and Collagen Membranes to Regenerate Bone

Intermediate Bone Grafting: Growth Factors in Bone Grafting

Introducing the Custom Lingual Appliance System for the Social Six

Introducing the Newest Innovation in NiTi Rotary Files (Control Memory)


Introduction to Digital Orthodontic Technology: Delivering Precise, Predictable Results

Introduction to the Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage

Introduction to Thermally Assisted Composites Using Injection Molding Techniques

Ionomers Made Simple For Predictable and Profitable Results

Is There Something Better Out There?

Isolation, Preparation, and Cementation

It is ALL in the Details - How to Excel your Practice Forward while Providing a Higher Level of Service

It's a Jungle In There - How to Enhance the Oral Environment for Your Patients

Job Descriptions - A Clear Direction

Jump In...The Water's Clean

Just a Drop Will Do!

Just Do It Better with Digital Diagnostics and Regenerative Restorative Materials

Keep it Simple Silly: Efficient Implant Restorative Dentistry

Keep Your Cavitron and Inserts Fit for Use

Keep Your Patients Returning

Key Concepts of Air Polishing

Keys To Success With Direct Adhesive Restorations

Keys to Successful Intraoral Radiography

Keys to Successful Pulp Capping

La Bioactividad en la Odontología Restauradora: El siguiente paso en el cuidado integral de nuestros pacientes

Latest Advancements Utilizing a Class II Correction Appliance: A Review of Clinical Support

Latest Technologies That Solve Esthetic & Function Issues with Indirect Restorations

Learn Why Orthodontists Can't Treat 40% of their Patients Properly with 2D Radiographs

Learning to Trust Bulk Filling for Class II Restorations

Leather and Chains - Cementation to Make CAD/CAM Restorations Sexy and Strong

LED Lighting in Today’s High-Tech, Green Dental Office

Less is More - Incorporating Minimally Invasive Techniques into your Office Treatment Protocols

Less Trauma with Tooth Extractions

Let’s Take the Stress Out of Composite Placement

Lets Build Some Teeth - Minimally Invasive Restorative Options for Optimum Success

Leveraging a New World of Diagnostics: Utilizing Transillumination Technology for Immediate Application in Your Practice

Light Curing Complexities! Clinical Simplicity!

Light Curing in Dentistry - A Brief History and Update

Like a Fine Wine, Glass Ionomer Restoratives Keep Getting Better

Little Known Secret Techniques to Open Anyone's Mouth

Living with the CQC - What You Should Know

Local Anaesthesia for the 21st century

Local Anaesthetics - An Update For The Dental Hygienist

Local Anesthesia - Maximize Success, Minimize Complications

Local Anesthesia: Reasons for Failure and Remedies for Success

Local Anesthetic Related Emergencies In The Dental Office

Looking beyond the Tonsils: Chairside Medical Testing for Non-Communicable Diseases

Luminary Insights to Sterility Assurance: Top 10 Myths and Realities

MACdentistry: The What, When, How, and Why of Current Indirect Restorative Materials, Adhesives, and Cements

Mainstreaming Dental Implant Impressions and Conditioning Edentulous Tissue

Make it Fine, Make it Shine: Concepts for Better Preps and Lasting Bling

Making a Great First Impression Every Single Time

Making a Predictable and Quality Impression Every Time

Making a Smart Move in Self-Ligation

Making Accurate Impressions - Success Lies in the Details

Making Better Impressions

Making Better Impressions: A Path to Predictability and Precision

Making Better Provisional Crowns and Bridges Starts with Great Impression Materials

Making Endo Work in Practice: Is It Actually Worth It?

Making First Impressions that are Second to None

Making Indirect Composite Restorations Part of Your Daily Routine

Making Staff Meetings Meet Objectives

Making the Difficult Situation Routine: Tips and Tricks for Maximum Efficiency

Management of Class II Deep Bites (with Fixed Functional Class II Correctors) - Part II

Management of Extraction Cases (with Fixed Functional Class II Correctors) - Part III

Management of Fear and Anxiety in Dentistry

Management of Severe Curvatures and Complex Anatomy with Controlled Memory Files: A New Approach

Managing Caries Risk

Managing Oral Biofilms with Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphate: WHY? WHEN? and HOW?

Managing Pain in the Era of the Opioid Crisis

Managing Patient Comfort - The Roadmap to Success

Managing the Oral Environment for Long Lasting Clinical Results

Managing Wire Sequencing and Appointment Intervals with Accelerated Treatment Patients

Mandibular Blocks: Reasons For Failure and Methods For Success

Manufacturer’s IFUs – What Are They & Why They Are So Important

Marketing – Making The Most of Your Practice

Masks Up in Smoke: Bio-aerosols & Laser Plume

Masks: Face the Facts

Mastering Composite Layering and Blending

Mastering Direct Composites Once and for All - How Smart Materials Make the Difference

Mastering Direct Placement Restorative Materials

Mastering Direct Placement Restorative Materials (2014)

Mastering Esthetics and Function with Contemporary Zirconia Restorations: Clinical Decisions in Daily Practice

Mastering the One Body IQ Concept

Material Driven Crown and Bridge: Having the Right Arsenal is Essential

Material Selection and Clinical guidelines for “New Age” Ceramics and Adhesive Cements

Maximize the Power of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Maximizing Anterior Aesthetics Utilizing Biologic Restorative Dental Materials

Maximizing Prosthetic Results

Maximizing Success with Modern Dental Adhesives

Maximizing Your Patient’s Comfort - Top 10 Game Changers for 2020

MBT™ Versatile+ Appliance System Lacebacks and Tiebacks

Medical Emergencies: Essentials for the Dental Professional

Meeting the Oral Health Needs of Individuals with Cancer

Meth Mouth: A State of Decay

Microwave Curing: Mystery Solved

Mini Dental Implants - A Video Option for Your Complete Lower Denture Patients

Minimal Intervention Dentistry in the New Millenium

Minimal Intervention Dentistry: Dr. Jane Chalmers

Minimal Intervention Dentistry: Dr. Lacey-Spector

Minimal Intervention in Cosmetic Dentistry

Minimal Intervention, Maximal Outcomes: The Use of Minimally-Invasive Dentistry to Maximize Esthetic and Functional Outcomes

Minimal Intervention: A New Challenge to Clinical Dentistry by Reducing Tooth Sensitivity and Incorporating Dentin Substitution

Minimal Invasive Dentistry: Integration of New Science for Minimal Intervention

Minimal Invasive Dentistry: Solving Anterior Esthetic Restorative Problems with Composite Resin

Minimally Invasive Materials: A Practical Guide to Posterior Restorations

Minimally Invasive Procedures in Periodontal Therapy

Minimally Invasive Recommendations for a Maximally Productive Dental Hygiene Department

Minimally Invasive Use of Pink Composite Resin in Esthetic Restoration of Periodontally Involved Teeth

Minimally Invasive, Maximum Results

Minimum Standards for Infection Control: California

Modern Canal Shaping

Modern Composite Restorative Dentistry: A Blend of Artistry and Technique

Modern Composite Techniques for Every Dental Practice

Modern Diagnostic Tools in Dentistry

Modern Obturation Techniques

Modern Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease

Modern vs. Conventional - Know Your Restorative Materials. Put the Patient First

Modification of Modern Ceramics: When and How to Adjust or Remove

Moist Bonding? Wet Bonding? Dry Bonding? Finally, ONE Adhesive Solution for ALL

Monolithic Restorations and State of the Art Cementation

Motivational Interviewing: A New Approach to Communicating Prevention Needs to Your Patients

Mouth Rinses - Lotions or Potions

Multi-purpose Intraoral Light for Dental and Oral Cancer Exams

Multiple Anterior Restorations - Creating an Aesthetic and Functional Smile

My Evaluation of the Innovative DEXIS™ Titanium Intraoral Sensor by KaVo™ and Its SMART Technology

N2O/O2 Occupational Safety and Practice Management

Nano-Ceramics with a Novel Approach to Adhesion Dentistry

New Advanced Restorative Solutions - The Glass Ionomer Revolution

New Advancements in Recaldent Technology

New Alternative for Patients - Long-Term Chairside Fabricated Crowns

New Composite All-in-One Technology for Your Restorative Needs

New Directions in Minimal Intervention

New Innovations in Navigating Root Canals Using the Latest Apex Locators and Endo Motors

New Methods in Minimally Invasive Dentistry

New Patients - What Keeps Them Coming

New Patients “Rule” the Practice

New Techniques for Visual Caries Detection

New Technology Solves Main Issue with Single-Bottle Adhesives

New Treatment & Technology for Hypersensitive Patients

Newest Advances in Direct Restorative Materials for the Modern Dental Practice

Newest Advances in Glass Ionomer Technology

Next Generation Pressable Ceramics – Getting More with Less!

Nitrous Oxide – Oxygen Sedation in Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation: Steps for Safety and Compliance

No Need to Watch Dental Disease, Manage it Chemically or Surgically

No Strings Attached: Living in a Cordless World

Non-Verbal Laboratory Communication

Not Having A Treatment Coordinator Could Be Hurting Your Practice

Nuts & Bolts Impressioning: Predictable Excellence in the Everyday Restorative Practice

Nuts and Bolts Solutions-Predictability in Everyday Practice

Obesity and Periodontal Disease: A New Model for Risk Assessment

Office Managers: Take Control of Your Income Potential

On the Level: The New ASTM F2100 Mask Performance Rating

One and Done: A Universal Composite for the Restorative Dentist

One Appointment Porcelain Veneers

One-Appointment Porcelain Veneers

Online Marketing: Get More Patients In Your Door!

Operatory Chairs that Make Any Operatory Wheelchair and Gurney Accessible

Optimal Treatment of the 'Dreaded Black Triangle' with Direct Composite

Optimising All Clinical Stages of Direct Anterior Composite Restorations

Optimizing Adhesion for Practical Outcomes

Optimizing CAD/CAM Restorations with the New Resin-Ceramic Materials

Optimizing Safety and Care of Clinical Surfaces

Options for Mandibular Anesthesia

Options for Mandibular Anesthesia (2014)

Oral Cancer Screenings: If Not You, Then Who?

Oral Health and Dental Management for the Pregnant Patient

Oral Health and Prevention Aspects to the Disruption of Biofilm

Oral Surgery Procedures for the GP: Maximizing Success and Avoiding Complications

Oral Wellness - The 21st Century Practice Paradigm

Orthodontic Aligner Impressions Made Easy

Orthodontic Finishing and Arch Coordination with the MBT™ Versatile+ Appliance System

Orthodontics: Early Treatment and When to Refer

Ouch that Hurts - Dental Sensitivity in Daily Practice

Ouch…That Hurts! Root Causes and Effective Treatment of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

Ounce of Prevention, Pound of Cure: How Remineralization Pastes Prevent Mistakes and Preserve Assets

Part 1

Part 1: A Healthy Ratio

Part 1: Clean Hands, Healthy Staff, Healthy Patients

Part 1: Making the Right Choice in Restorative Material...Don't Follow the Herd

Part 1: Working in Your Dental Practice

Part 2

Part 2: A Science-based Protocol for Direct and Indirect Restorations that will End Post-Operative Sensitivity In Your Practice for Good!

Part 2: Class II case finishes using Ormco appliances

Part 2: Clean Surfaces, Clean Equipment, Healthy Practices

Part 2: Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sterilizing

Part 2: Making the Right Choice in Restorative Material...Don't Follow the Herd

Part 2: Presenting Financial Arrangements & Statements

Part 3: Delinquent Account Calls & Measurements for Success

Patient Health, Not Just Oral Health

Pearls for Everyday Practice - Simple Solutions for Everyday Dentistry

Pediatric Composite Restorations for the General Practitioner

Pediatric Dentistry: An Update

Pediatric Patients - Pass Me the Glass Ionomer Please

Pediatric Pulp Therapy - Confusion Clarified

Pediatric Restorations with Omni Chromatic Nano-Ormocer Direct Restorative

Pediatric Restorative for the General Dentist

Pediatric Zirconia Crowns and Bio-active Cementation

Performance Measurements for the Dental Team

Peri Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitis: Diagnosis, Classification, Prevention, Management Principles

Peri-Implantitis, Implant Maintenance, and the Use of Glycine on Biofilm

Periodontal Splinting Taken to a New Level with CAD-CAM Milled Orthotic

Perky Perio: 2015

Permanent Cementation: A Key Component to Restoration Longevity

Personal Protective Equipment: Minimizing Risk

Personality Differences….Plus or Problem?

Photographing Patient's Malocclusion

Placing Dental Implants - Innovative Tools and Instrumentation to Maximize Clinical Efficiency

Plan, Print, Drill: Efficient Restoratively Driven Digital Implant Planning and Guided Surgery

Post and Core Video: Produced by Dr. Douglas Terry

Posterior Bonding & Cementation

Posterior Bulk Fill Composites: Less Stressful, More Productive

Posterior Composite Placement Redefined: The Game Has Changed

Posterior Composites Simplified

Posterior Composites: A Practical, Efficient Technique

Posterior Composites: Improving Esthetics and Increasing Simplicity

Posterior Restorations – How to Make Your Life Easier with New Materials and Equipment

Posterior Restorations Simplified!

Posterior Restorations: Achieving predictability with cutting-edge adhesives and composites

Power Up Your Practice with Performance Mouthwear

Practical Approaches to Effective and Safe Instrument Processing

Practical Proven Prevention for your Pediatric Patients

Practical Techniques for Profitability in the Everyday Practice

Practice Management - Remain Healthy, Productive and Profitable (Who Comes First: Taking a Longer View)

Practice Marketing Webinar Series - Contemporary Marketing Strategies in a Digital World - Part 2 of 3

Practice Marketing Webinar Series – Measuring and Monitoring the Marketing Plan – Part 3 of 3

Practice Marketing Webinar Series – Practice Marketing Strategies – Part 1 of 3

Practice Profit Killer – Collections

Practice Profit Killer – High Overhead

Practice Vital Signs: Key Metrics to Measure and Why

Practicing Dentistry Smarter: Hints from the Trenches

Practicing Ideal Pediatric Dentistry

Precise Implant Impressions Simplified

Precision Taken to the Next Level: Lingual Treatment with the Incognito™ Clear Precision Tray

Predictable and Efficient Class II Restorations

Predictable and Efficient Temporization

Predictable and Profitable Dentures in 3 Easy Steps

Predictable Bonded Restorative Procedures - Science and Substance

Predictable Clinical Excellence in Anterior and Posterior Composite Resin Restorations

Predictable Esthetics and Function

Predictable Posterior Composites

Predictable Results through Ideal Impression Techniques

Predictable Success With Class II & Class III Composites

Predictable Temporization for Effective Prosthetic Restoration

Predictable Tissue Management

Predictable, Profitable and Painless Endo – Part 2: Innovations in Endodontic Irrigation

Predictable, Profitable, and Efficient Core Build Ups and Post and Cores

Predictably Obturating 3-D Root Canal Systems

Prehabilitation: Oral Care of the Oncology Patient

Prep It, Got It, Glue It: A Dental Journey from Crown Prep to Cement Selection and Everything In-Between

Prepping for Success; Incorporating Veneers, Cosmetics and More into your Practice

Preserving the Alveolar Ridge in a Novel and Simple Predictable Method

Preserving the Buccal Plate of Bone During Extractions

Prevent Abuse and Neglect Through Dental Awareness (Mid-Atlantic P.A.N.D.A.) - Part 1: Child Abuse and Neglect

Prevent Abuse and Neglect Through Dental Awareness (Mid-Atlantic P.A.N.D.A.) - Part 2: Intimate Partner Violence, Elder Abuse and Neglect, and Human Trafficking

Prevention for Life: Everyone Has a Part to Play

Prevention for Life: The Latest in Caries Prevention and Minimally-Invasive Dentistry

Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries in the Dental Profession

Preventive Measures: The Science of Essential Polishing

Primary Stability and Maintenance of Marginal Bone: Is there a Relationship

Primary Tooth Pulp Therapy

Prime Time - Understanding Next Generations All Ceramics and Proper Cementation Protocols

Primers, Adhesives, Restoratives, and Polishers: Steps to a Successful Restoration

Principles to Create Quality Aesthetic Indirect Restorations

Procedural Errors in Endo - How to Avoid and Manage Them

Productive Scheduling

Profit From Your Success: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Incorporate Dental Implants Into Your Practice

Proper Bur Selection for Restorative Procedures

Prosthodontic Potpourri - Diagnosis to Delivery of All-Ceramic Restorations

Protect the Pulp Using Bioactive Materials

Providing Excellent Dental Hygiene Care

Provisional Restorations for Today's Restorative Practice

Putting the WOW back in the Posterior Composite

Racing Into the Future: How New Technologies Are Changing the Way We Treat Patients Every Day

Radiation Safety with the Pediatric and Adolescent Patient

Raise Case Acceptance and Boost Practice Revenue with New Clinical Options

Rapid Fire Pearls for Immediate Impact

Ready, Set, Flow - Indications of Universal Flowable Composites

Real Life Aesthetics-Success Only Happens When the Patient is Satisfied: Part 1

Real Life Aesthetics-Success Only Happens When the Patient is Satisfied: Part 2

Real World Solutions for Everyday Problems

Recognize, Rejuvenate, and Restore: Creating Better Restorations in Better Environments

Recommendation by Relationship

tion and Use of Personal Protective EquipmentRecommendations and Requirements for the Selec

Reconditioning 101

Reconstructing Broken Down and Endodontically Treated Teeth

Recreating Nature with CAD/CAM Materials: Clinical Applications and Esthetic Design

Recruitment Testing and Hiring

Reduce the Layers, Improve the Result

Regenerative Materials in Dentistry: Utilization of Collagen Membranes

Regenerative Restorations - Durable, Comfortable, Aesthetic Results

Regenerative Restorative Dentistry: The Quest to “Heal and Seal” Damaged Tooth Structure

Rejuvenating Enamel

Reliable Vertical Control: Direct Use of TAD Palatal Anchorage for Open Bite Correction

Remineralization Strategies Made Simple

Remove the Fear - Easy Overdenture Attachment Techniques

Repetition Works...Except When it Hurts

Resin Infiltration for Interproximal and Smooth Surface Lesions

Resin Infiltration: A Minimally Invasive Treatment Option for Enamel Caries and Cosmetic Defects

Respiratory Protection in Dental Procedures: Selection, Proper Wear and Common Misuses of Face Masks

Responsible Radiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

Responsible Tooth Polishing

RestoDontics - Achieving a Good Coronal Seal, Post Endo

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth – The Science Behind It

Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth - Modern Materials

Restorations for Children - Making your Practice Better, Faster, and Easier

Restorative Dentistry for Children

Restorative Rosetta Stone - Deciphering the New World of Dental Materials

Restorative Treatment the Bioactive Way in Everyday Clinical Practice

Restorative-Focused Endodontic Treatment: Having the Endpoint in Mind Before Starting the Treatment

Restoring and Treating the Worn Dentition in the Aging Population

Restoring Caries and Preventing New Disease: A Winning Combination

Restoring Complex Aesthetic Cases

Rethinking Treatment Planning: Focusing on Ideal Incisor Position

Retreatment: Diagnosis and Surgical vs. Non-surgical Retreatment Planning

Retrospective on Zirconia Based Restorations

Review of CDC Infection Control Guidelines in the Dental Health Setting

Risk Assessment: Best Practices in Oral Health Management

RMGI Cements & Restorative Materials, Our Best Friends!

Rocking Piston Compressor Technology

Roll Over Dr. GV Black

Rotary Negotiation and Shaping

Routine Dental Implant Maintenance and the Role of the Dental Hygienist

Routine Oral Cancer Screening - Win for the Patient and Win for the Practice

Rubber-dam Techniques - Overview and New Matrix Systems

Safeguarding The Dental Healthcare Environment

Save a Life in Less Than 5 Minutes - Advanced Screening Technology for Oral Cancer

Saving Time & Simplifying Placement using a Bulk Fill Posterior Dental Composite

Scripting WOW Customer Service

Scripting Your Profitability

Sealants in Preventive Dentistry

Sealing the Root Canal System: The Continuous Wave of Condensation

Secrets of a Pediatric Dentist

Secrets to Improving Endodontic Access

Secrets to Successful Dental Dam Placement-Basic Techniques

See, Diagnose, and Enjoy Improving the Outcome

Seeing is Believing - Improved Diagnostic Capabilities for Ideal Clinical Outcomes

Selecting The Right Cement for the Right Type of Laboratory Restoration

Selection of Luting Materials for Maximizing Clinical Success

Self-Adhesive Posterior Restorations Using High-Viscosity Glass Ionomer

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Setting the Foundation for Fixed Restorations and Implant Placement (Part 2 in a Series)

Shade Selection & Cavity Preparation for Direct Esthetic Restorations

Shade Selection and Esthetic Observation: The Basics of Composite Art

Sharpen Up Your Instrumentation

Should I Bond or Cement and What are the Best Materials to Use

Shut the Door: Steam Sterilization Principles You Need to Know

Simple Esthetics

Simple Solutions for Everyday Restorative Practice

Simple, Effective Bonding of Ceramic Restorations

Simplified Crown and Bridge

Simplified Esthetic Solutions You (And Your Patients) Will Love -- Universal Nanofilled Composites

Simplified Esthetic Temporization for Implants and Crown and Bridge

Simplified Treatment of the Anterior Fractured Tooth

Simplify Your Routine: Become More Efficient & More Profitable With Your Restorative Dentistry

Simplifying Adhesion and the Placement of Direct Composite Restorations

Simplifying All Ceramics

Simplifying Bone Grafting Using the Piezotome 2

Simplifying Cementation Using a Bioactive Cement

Simplifying Dental Hygiene Treatment with Hand Instruments During Covid-19

Simplifying Direct Restorations

Simplifying Impressions

Simplifying Overdentures in Today's Economy

Simplifying Posterior Composites, Applying The Theory For Clinical Success

Simplifying Restorative Dentistry Using Self Adhesive Flowable Composites

Simplifying the Adhesive Process

Simplifying the Mysteries of Direct Composites

Simplifying the Pediatric Anterior Strip Crown Procedure

Simplifying the Placement of Exquisite Direct Resin Restorations

Simplifying the Placement of Posterior Composite Restorations

Single Cone Endodontic Obturation Using Gutta Percha in Conjunction with a Bioactive Bioceramic Sealer

SL- What does the evidence say?

Sleep Apnea: Wake Up to the Problem

SMART Restorations Using Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) and Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC)

Smarter, Not Harder, Class II Composites

Smell It Like It Is: Addressing Halitosis

Smoking Out the Real Truth: Vaping and Marijuana Exposed

Smooth Like That - The Importance of Ceramic Polishing Technique

Sneak Peak: Advancements in Class II Correction

Socket Preservation: The Foundation for Successful Restorative Dentistry

Soft Denture Relining: the Stuff You Never Learned in School

Solving Anterior Esthetic Restorative Challenges with Composite Resin

Solving Clinical Dilemmas with State of the Art Materials and Techniques

Sometimes Less is More: Understanding Digital Materials and Techniques

Sonicfill - The Next Step in the Evolution of Direct Composite Placement

Spotlight on White Spots: Incidence, Prevention and Treatment

Stacking the Odds in Your Favor - A Simple Approach to Direct Restoratives

Stainless Steel Crowns Are a Snap

Standing in the Gap: Methods and Materials Options for At-Risk Patients

State of the Art Impressions and Monolithic Restorations

State of the Art in Orthodontic Bonding - Direct Bonding: Problem Solving and Clinical Tips

State of the Art in Orthodontic Bonding 2014 - Direct Bonding

State of the Art in Orthodontic Bonding 2014 - Indirect Bonding

State of the Art Sealants and Why Bioactivity Matters

Staying Safe and Healthy, from Check-in to Check-out

Steeling a March: Why Nickel Titanium Should Replace Stainless Steel for your Root Canal Instrumentation

Step by Step Breakdown of The Single Crown

Step by Step: Utilizing Fluoride Varnish for Optimum Oral Health

Sterility Assurance: Begin with the End in Mind

Stick It To Me Baby: Current Concepts in Adhesives and Cements

Sticking To The Rules: Ideal Cementation Protocols for Today’s Materials

Stop Watching Caries and Start Managing It

Strategic Growth: More Than Just Case Starts

Strategic Philanthropy - Doing Well by Doing Good

Strategic Philanthropy: Giving Back and Gaining Patients

Strategies for the Complete Post and Core Solution

Streamlining Prosthetic Dentistry

Stronger Bonds: Better Cementation Throughout the Mouth

Success with Cold Single-Cone Technique

Success with Surgical Guides

Successful Endodontic Retreatment

Successful Implant Impressions and Impression Materials

Sucking Up the Elements

Supercharge Your Aligner Results

Superior Root Canal Disinfection Leading To Increased Endodontic Success

Supra-gingival Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Occlusion

Swaggering Shapes For Staggering Results

Take Control: Smart Systems for Productivity and Order

Take it Outside - Indirect Restorative Techniques without the High Cost of Technology

Taking Adhesive Dentistry to New Levels of Efficiency

Taking the Fear out of Membranes - When to Use and When to Refer

Taking the Stress Out of Final Impressions

Targeting Diabetes and Periodontal Disease in Dental Patients

Targeting the Complications of Xerostomia

Teach Me to Be a Laser Dentist - A Crash Course on Diode Lasers and Restorative Dentistry

Technological Advancements in Direct Restorative Materials

Technology for Better Orthodontics: Understanding Digital Workflow

Teledentistry: An Integral Part of Your Practice?

Telephone Talk - #1 Link to Patients

Telephone Techniques to Awe and Inspire Your Patients

Telling the Patient “Health Story” Utilizing 2D and 3D Digital Imaging

Temporisation and Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth – Principles and Materials

The 'Clear' Answer to a Beautiful Smile: Why an all Aesthetic Practice Makes Sense

The “Dahl Concept” - Current Concepts in the Management of Tooth Surface Loss

The “New” Periodontal Disease: Inflammatory and Risky

The 20 Minute In-Office Veneer

The 3 B’s of Planning, Placing, and Restoring Full Arches - Bone Volume, Bio-mechanics, and Budget

The 3 Keys to Implant Success: Maintenance, Home-Care & Implantitis Treatment

The 60 Minute Countdown

The ABC’s of Composite Handling

The Advancing Technology in Dental Diagnostics

The Anatomy of Local Anesthetic Injections

The Art & Science of Tooth Whitening

The Art and Science of Biologic and Biomimetic Approaches in Restorative Dentistry

The Art and Science of Modern Bulk Composite

The Art of Collaboration: Moving from Concept to Reality to Achieve Excellence in Restorative Treatments

The Art of Digital Dental Photography

The Art of Efficient Esthetics - Next Generation Composites

The Art of Preparation and Cementation

The Art of Temporization - The Blueprint for Predictable Facial Changes Through Aesthetic Dentistry

The Art of the Impression

The Battle for Balance

The Big C: Coronary Heart Disease

The Bonded Functional Esthetic Prototype and Porcelain Veneers - How Do They Complement Each Other

The Buried Treasure of Unscheduled Treatment

The Case for Green Dentistry

The Changing Landscape of Crown and Bridge

The Clinical Advantages in Using Topical Antimicrobial in Everyday Dentistry

The Clinical Issue: Medical Glove Selection for Dental Professionals

The Clinical Issue: Packaging Dental Instruments for Sterilization

The Dental Hygienist's Insurance Field Guide

The Dental Needle: Improving Patient Satisfaction and Growth

The Dental Needle: Improving Patient Satisfaction and Practice Growth

The Difference - Issue 8

The Digital Restoration - Hold the Mill

The Disappearing Patient Population

The Do's and Don'ts of Bonding for Long Term Success

The Dual Digital Approach to Radiography

The End of Generations: A Novel Approach to Adhesion Dentistry

The Evolution of Orthodontics: Integrating Accelerated Orthodontics to Increase Growth and Efficiency

The Evolution of the Posterior Direct Restoration

The Four Pillars of Patient Acceptance

The Full Contour Zirconia Crown: A Clear Path for Preparation, Impressioning and Cementation

The Glass Ionomer Revolution: Using Bioactive Materials to Achieve Proactive Dental Care

The Heat Is On: Redefining the Class II Composite

The Importance of 3D Imaging for Successful Airway Management

The In’s and Out’s of Equipment, Utility Room and Handpiece Maintenance

The Intersection of Esthetics, Ease and Biocompatibilty: Presenting Omni-chromatic, Single-shade, nano-Ormocer Restorations

The Invisalign Efficiency Playbook, Chapter 1: Curing Attachment Disorder

The Latest in Intraoral Imaging for the Tech-focused Operatory

The Magic of Composites - Simple Tips for Everyday Dentistry

The Master Impression: The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection!

The Missing Link in Minimal Intervention Dentistry: Effective Caries Control

The Multiple Indications of a Chlorhexidine Varnish in a Restorative Dental Practice

The New 3 P's: Productive, Proficient, Profitable Dentistry in the 21st Century

The New Esthetic Concepts and Possibilities

The New Gold Standards in Hybrid Screw Retained Solutions

The New Nuts and Bolts of Fixed Restorative

The New Patient You Never Knew

The New Youth

The Nuts and Bolts of Selecting the Right Composite for Your Office

The Nuts and Bolts of the New Anatomical NiTi Technology

The Office: A Day in the Life of a Mid-size Dental Office

The Oral Cavity Under Acid Attack - Identifying, Understanding and Treating Caries, Erosion, and other Acid Related Diseases

The Oral Cavity Under Acid Attack - The Patient Strikes Back

The Oral Environmentalist

The Oral Systemic Link and the Dental Hygienist

The Power of Oral Hygiene in a New Age of Dentistry

The Power of Prevention (for Seattle Study Club only)

The Productivity Formula

The Proper Pre-Bleaching Examination for Optimal Patient Satisfaction

The Provisional is the Problem!

The Provisional Restoration as the Template for Dental Reconstruction

The Restorative Decision Tree - What Products, When, and Why

The Right Way to Optimize Dental Benefit Esthetic Care Coverage

The Role of BioActive Materials in Vital Pulp Therapy

The Role of Oraverse (Phentolamine Mesylate) in Dental Practice

The Role of the Dental Assistant – Techniques and Technologies that Help Deliver “World Class” Dentistry

The Secrets of Composite Shade Selection and Finishing that Rivals Porcelai

The Secrets of Implant Dentistry Revealed

The Team Approach to Restorative, Regenerative and Minimal Intervention Dentistry

The Top 10 Time Wasters

The Truth About Bulk Fills: When, How, and Why

The Turbyfill Denture Technique

The Updated 2018 AAP Classification of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases - Aligning the Dental Hygiene Diagnosis

The Use of a VPES Material as an Aid for Placement and Follow-up of Custom Prostheses

The Wonderful World of Glass Ionomers in Clinical Dentistry

There is Another Clear Choice

Thinking Outside the Box

Three Dimensional Imaging and Three Dimensional Endodontics

Time to Suck it Up

Tips and Tricks for Maxillary Anesthesia

Tips and Tricks For Successful Veneers

Tips and Tricks in General Practice

Tips and Tricks to Making a Good Impression

Tips for Great Indirect Restorations

Tips For Making Bonding and Bonded Aesthetics Easier

Tissue Management Options Today

To Change or to Repair: How to Treat What's Coming

To Post or Not to Post (Part 1 of 2)

To Sculpt or Not to Sculpt

Today's Flowables - Far More than Just a Liner

Today's Improved Glass Ionomers: A Therapeutic Alternative to Direct Composite Restorations

Today’s Scheduling Challenges

Tongue-Tied: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer

Tool Box for an Efficient Dental Practice

Tools, Technology & Guidelines for Implant Maintenance

Tooth Structure: Nature's Best Restorative Material

Tooth Whitening - Evidence Based Facts

Tooth Whitening – Update on Techniques and the New Legislation

Top 5 Procedures Benefiting from Electric Handpieces

Top Tips for a Successful Mock-Up

Topographical Microscopic Warfare Requiring Powerful Weapons – Welcome to the New Hygiene Protocol

Torque? Incognito™ Appliance System Does it Best

Total Facial Esthetics for Every Dental Practice

Totally Simplified Color Matching - Single Shade Direct Composite

Toward Better Impressions: Chairside with Custom Lingual Appliances

Transforming Patient Care Through the Integration of New Products, Technologies, and Diagnostic Testing

TranZitional vs. Traditional: Innovation in Composite Bonding

Traveling the Instrument Processing Pathway

Treating Periodontitis -The First Phase

Treating the Mandibular Arch in the Deep Bite Patient with Ceramic Brackets

Treatment of Post Endodontic Disease

Treatment of the Terminal Dentition and Totally Edentulous Arches

Treatment Plan More Efficiently and Precisely: Smile Makeovers via Porcelain Veneers and Dental Implants

Treatment Planning for Minimally Invasive Dentistry Utilizing Facial Landmarks

Treatment Planning for the 21st Century: Don’t Keep the Future Out of Reach

Tweaked, Cracked, and Loaded: A Profile of the Addicted Dental Patient

Ultimate Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic Scaling and Why a Multi-instrument Approach is Crucial to Patient Outcomes

Understanding Adhesive Dentistry: Improving Bonding Predictability

Understanding and improving cementation in the restorative aspects of our practice

Understanding and Improving Provisional Restorations

Understanding and Managing Dentinal Hypersensitivity

Understanding Caries Risk Assessment

Understanding Dental Patients with Eating Disorders

Understanding Interim Therapeutic Restorations, Caries Arrest Treatments and the Clinical Steps for Success

Understanding Restorative Options for Direct Composite Restorations

Understanding the Basics of Bulk Fill Composites

Understanding the Current Disruptive Forces in Healthcare and Creating Opportunity

Universal Bonding Agents

Universal Composites for Predictability and Efficiency

Unlocking Your Production Potential

Untangling the Confusion of Dentin Bonding

Unveiling Secrets of Advanced Imaging in Dentistry

Update on COVID-19 and Infection Control

Update on Enamel Remineralization

Update on Pulp Capping Procedures

Updated Protocols for Provisional and Definitive Cementation of Indirect Dental Restorations

Using a New Fiber-Reinforced, Resin-composite for Different Clinical Applications

Using Digital Impressions Technology to Address Clinical Challenges and Enhance Patient Treatment Experience

Using Fluorescence Technology with Your Entire Team

Validation in Instrument Reprocessing: Because "Partially Sterile" is NOT an Option

Variable Prescription Orthodontics: Appliance and Case Selection – Part 1

Variable Prescription Orthodontics: Appliance and Case Selection – Part 2

Variable Prescription Orthodontics: The Concept and its Application

Variations in Fixed Functional Class II Correctors - Part IV: Controlling the Maxillary Vertical Dimension and Utilizing the Forsus Appliance for Dental Distalization

Veneers, Veneers, Veneers!

Verbal Skills Matter - What Patients Want: Whiter Teeth, Fresher Breath

Vital Pulp Cryotherapy

Vital Pulp Therapy: Predictable Treatment of Pulp Exposure Without Endodontic Therapy

Warm Obturation in the Bioceramic Age

Water In, Water Out: Best Practices for Water Treatment and Processing in Dental Offices

Water Rights: IFUs, Shocking, and Monitoring

Ways to Reduce Your Overhead

We Need to Be Right - A Clear Plan for Diagnostically Driven Dentistry

What Are Your Revenue Opportunities?

What has the SmartClip™ System Done for My Practice?

What has the SmartClip™ System Done for My Practice?

What is a Patient Centered Practice, and Why Is it So Important to Have One…Especially Today?

What Now - Broken Implant Screw Retrieval

What We Know And Don’t Know About Zirconium Oxide And Lithium Disilicate (Update)

What You Need to Know about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What's Happening to Our Teeth? Understanding the Epidemic of Demineralization and Hypersensitivity

What’s Bugging the Dentist: Instrument Processing, Sterilization and Waterlines

What’s Bugging The Dentist?

What’s New In Local Anesthesia

What’s New in Ultrasonics? Exploring Piezoelectric Technology

When Composite Met Ceramic

When Patients Say ‘No’ to Treatment

When The Ordinary Become Extraordinary

When to Go from Direct to Indirect in Posterior Restorations

Which cells are the most radiosensitive? Safety

Which One to Choose - Aligners or Braces

Which Tooth Is It? Endo Case Selection & Treatment Planning

Whiter, Brighter, Healthier Teeth

Who is Really Answering Your Phone?

Why A Swipe With Just Any Wipe Can Affect Your Dental Chair Surfaces And Be Detrimental To Your Health

Why and When Should We Use RMGI (Resin Modified Glass Ionomers)

Why Custom Lingual Appliances? How Lingual Braces Provide Practice Essentials

Why Do Posterior Composites Fail

Why Don't More People Go to the Dentist

Why on Earth do I Need Glass Ionomers in my Practice

Win the War Against Germs - Webinar 1: Follows the Rules, Wash your Hands

Win the War Against Germs - Webinar 2: Don’t Forget the Rules: Clean and Disinfect

Women and Health: Stress, Time, and Hormones

Work Smart, Clean Smart

World Class Crown and Bridge: Techniques to Create Optimal Results

Xerostomia Update - This Webinar is Anything but Dry!

Xerostomia: Etiology, Evaluation and Innovative Strategies

Yoganomics: Postural Health & Ergonomic Considerations for the Dental Professional

You Never Get A 2nd Chance to Make a First Impression

You See It, They See It, Understand It: Digital Technology

You See It, They See It, Understand It: Intraoral Cameras

You're Only as Good as What You Send to Your Lab

Your CAD/CAM Success Depends on the Materials You Feed the Machine

Your Hygiene Team: Action Plan for Success

Your Prep is Done, Now What?

Zirconia Mania - Why All the Rage?

Zirconia Restorations: What's all the controversy about?

Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate and Everything in Between: Do you Really Know How to Handle These Materials?

Zirconia: Facts and Fiction

Setting Up the Ideal Whitening Practice

Hygiene to Restorative - How to Plan for Success

The 411 on Cotton Mouth: What is Xerostomia and How to Manage It

Getting that Hot Tooth Numb

Let’s Get Chemical! Understanding How Basic Chemistry of Materials Affects Day to Day Practice

Maintaining Dental Unit Waterlines in the Era of COVID and Beyond

How to Mill a Crown Intraorally

Let's Get Physical! Why Chemistry in Crown and Bridge is More Important than Ever

Velcro or Gorilla Glue – Zirconia Cementation

Tooth Preserving Dentistry: Taking Direct Composites to the Next Level

Fully Guided Immediate Esthetic Zone Implants - Live Software Walkthrough and Case Presentation

Pivot Your Practice - Clinical Strategies for Practice Growth

Geriatric Dentistry: The Fastest Growing Demographic in Dentistry

Integrating a CAD/CAM System Into Your Practice During Uncertain Times: What You Need to Consider Right Now

Making Endodontics Easier for the General Practitioner

Stamp Out Decay for All Ages

Restoration Complete, Now What? Protect and Recharge

Restorative Dentistry 2021: Mastering Single Shade Composites

Restorative Implantology: Putting the Pieces Together After Placement

If Your Restoration Doesn’t Shine Like a Diamond, It’s Not Finished!

Simplified Same-Day Cosmetic Dentistry

Integration of BioActive Materials to Grow Your Practice

Delivering Successful Anesthetic: Beyond What You Learned in Dental School!

Minimally Invasive Crestal Sinus Augmentation: Evolving Concepts & Techniques

Retain It: Solutions for Achieving Surgical & Restorative Success in the Edentulous Mandible

Practice Design of the Future: Safety, Ergonomics, and Workflow

Hey Doc, the Tooth You Restored Hurts Now! How to Avoid Post-Op Sensitivity

Delivering Simple, Cost-Effective Implant Treatment to Fully Edentulous Patients

Biofilm-Focused Care Protocols for Teeth, Implants, and Restorations

Protocols for the Modern Dental Team - A Team Approach to Navigating the Prosthodontics Restorative Landscape

Considerations When Expanding Your Practice Through the Use of Orthodontic Aligners

Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique

Early Detection of Neoplastic Lesions Saves Lives

Direct Composite Veneers with Ultimate Esthetics

Digital Dentures and Partials - 4 Different Digital Clinical Workflows

Controlling Aerosols in the Dental Operatory: A Primary Concern

Part IV: The Importance of Sterilization Device Reprocessing and Monitoring in Oral Care Settings

Part III: Fit Testing

Proven Value: How Glass Ionomer Technology Completes Your Restorative Repertoire

Part II

Part I

Direct Bonding Techniques Using Light Curing Adhesives

Pediatric Emergency Caries Management

The Intersection Between Motivation and Behavior

Biocompatible Bioceramic Cement: How it Works and Its Real Benefits

Let The Cement Work For You!

A "Game Changer" for General, Pediatric & Geriatric

Perfect Pictures Every Time: Dental Photography Made Easy!

Keeping Patients Safe: Prevent Cross-Contamination with Single Use Solutions

Cementations on Implants

Implant Cement: Important Considerations

Ceramir Crown & Bridge

State of the Art Implant Cement: Ceramir Bioceramic

Implant Cement Selection: Why it Matters

Bioactive Flowable Restorative with Versatility

Restorative Excellence for Gingival Recession

Dental Photography Made Easy!

Finishing and Polishing the Tooth Surface After Removal of Clear Aligner Attachments

Preventing Cross-Contamination in Your Practice

Prevention for Life: Understanding the latest in Caries Prevention and Minimally-Invasive Dentistry

Understanding the Science Behind Making Your Core Buildup More Predictable

Are Your Post and Core Materials Compatible?

Maximizing Chair Time: 3 Reasons CBCT is the Key for the GP

Our Practice is Now All Digital: It's A Total Game Changer

Fear of Change Holds Some Orthodontists in the Past

Making a Difference in a Time of Crisis

Implant Dentistry: Invaluable Tips from a Periodontist

Now's the Time! Eliminate Aerosol with Minimally Invasive Dentistry

What’s Up with Bioactive Dental Materials?

Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry

Dentapen: The Next Generation CCLAD (Computer-controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery)

How to Diagnose Oral Cancer and Premalignant Lesions

Communicating with your Patients about Oral Cancer Screening

Game Changers for 2020

Diagnosing Early Stage Oral Cancer: You Can Make a Difference!

Oral Cancer: What the Dentist Can Do.

TOOTH BE TOLD: 5 Things that Could Be Costing You Thousands

Drilling it Down - Considerations for Choosing the Right Handpiece for Your Practice

Are All Surgical Blades Created Equal?

Let’s talk 3D Imaging - the whys and the hows every dentist should know!

Practical Approach to Root Canal Instrumentation

A Novel and Simple Method to Preserve the Alveolar Socket

Bioactive Materials and Biomineralization

Mouth-Body Connection: How Dentists and Physicians Can Work Together

Aerosol Management – A primary Concern During COVID-19

Everyday Dentistry in the Shadow of COVID-19: Practical Ways to Make Our Office Safe

Communicating the "New Normal" to Our Patients

Dealing with a Pandemic: It Starts with Leadership and Regular Team Communication

Marketing Your Infection Control Protocol During COVID-19

COVID-19: A Discussion with the Experts

The Oral Systemic Link: What's All the Fuss About?

Understanding the Balance Sheet

The Profit and Loss Statement: Does it Matter?

Benchmarking Your Profit and Loss Statement

My Practice Doesn’t Have Enough Cash?

Shade Selection: What You Need to Know

Adhesive Systems: How to Optimize Bonding

Composite Resin: Types and Applications

All Things Ceramics

Pathways to Your Own Dental Practice

FastTrak: Accelerate Success of Your Practice

Four Generations Practicing Together: How Do We All Get Along?

Dentistry and the Dating Game

Ergonomics in Dentistry

OSHA Compliance

Infection Prevention

HIPAA Compliance

The State of Dental Marketing

Marketing your Dental Practice

Stressors in the Dental Office

Practice Management 90-Day Challenge

Alveolar Requirements for Successful Long-term Dental Implants

Restoring an Implant

Transitioning Your Practice for Implant Therapy

Choosing an Implant System

Contemporary Adhesive Strategies

Understanding the Basics of Bulk Fill Composites

Shade Selection and Aesthetic Observation: The Precursor to Natural Aesthetics

Dietary Considerations: Plant-derived & Food-derived Cariostatic Agents

Techniques for Pink and White Composite Restorations

Managing Dental Disease and Preserving Tooth Structure in All Ages of the Population

Caries Arrest Treatments

Restorative Interventions for Acute Caries

Putting New Caries Management Technique Options Into Practice

Sleep Medicine

Electric vs. Air Driven Handpiece Systems

Use of Lasers in Hard Tissue

Use of Lasers in Endodontics

Dental Ceramics: Zirconia

The Surface Treatment of Dental Ceramics

Cementing Dental Ceramics

Maximizing Workflow Efficiencies in the Dental Practice

Creating Quality Impressions

Use of Lasers in Soft Tissue

Case Presentations and Acceptance: Part 2

Case Presentations and Acceptance: Part 1

Making Whitening a Success for Your Patients and Practice

Intraoral Scanner: Things to Know

Getting More Patients in the Chair

Considerations for Implementing Lasers into your Practice

Laser Safety Considerations with Laser Utilization

Adhesion Protocol for Indirect Restorations

Cybersecurity: What is Cybersecurity and Why it is Important

Cybersecurity: How to Know If You've Been Compromised

Cybersecurity: What Are the Most Important Steps to Take to Become Secure

Cybersecurity: What Steps You Need to Take If You Become Aware of a Data Breach

HIPAA Compliance and Risk Assessment: What Is a Risk Assessment and Why Is It Important?

HIPAA Compliance and Risk Assessment: The Top 10 Things to Get HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliance and Risk Assessment: What is a HIPAA Compliant Backup and How is it Set Up?

Cybersecurity: What is Patch Management and Why is it Important?

How to Optimize Infection Control with Digital Imaging

Sensor Positioning Made Simple!

How to Improve Phospor Plate Imaging Workflow

Custom Fit Sensor Protection

Saying Yes: How Does Digital Technology Increase Case Acceptance?

Practicing Special Care Dentistry for Special Patients

Are You Half Digital?

The Transition from Film to Hard Sensor to PSP Technology

Let’s Talk About Diagnostic Image Area in Digital Imaging

Advantages of PSP Imaging in Your Practice

Understanding your ROI on PSP Digital Imaging

Returning to the Dental Office During COVID-19 Pandemic

Exquisite VPS Impressions

Using Opaque Composite

Isolation from Aerosols

Using a Universal Adhesive

Dental Restorative Triage and Treatment during Epidemics

A New Era in Dentures

Strategies for Success: Are You Ready for the New Norm?

Your Covid-19 Comeback

Coronavirus and your Dental Practice - How do I keep my staff and patients safe?

COVID-19: Healthcare Facilities can Be Mindful & Proactive

COVID-19: National Health Emergency with a Don’t Panic...Plan Approach

CAD/CAM and Zirconia: Predictable Restorative Outcomes

Biofilm-Focused Care Protocols for Teeth, Implants and Restorations

Sterilization Packaging: It’s a WRAP!

Taking the Guesswork out of Light Curing

Posterior Fillings: Better and Faster Results

The Newest Innovation in LED Technology

Cementation Strategies for Lithium Disilicate Restorations

Cementation Strategies for Zirconia Oxide Restorations

Key Considerations in Choosing Digital Scanners

New Autoclave Technologies Improve IC and Save You Money!

Optimize Your Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Delivery

Strategies to Identify and Manage Patient Fear and Anxiety

Treatment Planning

Prep Design & Provisionalization

Cementation and Interface Management

Patient Communications and Social Media

Benefits of Warmed Composite for Direct Restoratives

When Flow Meets Strength: Advances in Flowable Composites

How can a “universal cement system” simplify your adhesive dentistry?

Grow Your Practice with Chairside Denture Relines

Benefits of a One-Shade Universal Composite

Have you heard about Rincinol? It's the benzocaine-free game changer!

SDF - To Restore or not Restore? That is the Question!

GI Joes: Glass Ionomers in the Army of Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Composites - So Many to Choose From; Too Little Drawer Space!

Is Your Steri-center Up to Speed?

Ways to Automate Processes in Your Steri-Center

Internet Connectivity and Your Steri-Center

Bioactivity & Biomimicry: What’s the Deal?

Clinical Applications for Bioactive and Biomimetic Materials

Talking to Patients about Bioactive and Biomimetic Dentistry

Bioactive and Biomimetic Dentistry: Challenges and Opportunities

The new message of dentistry – it’s no longer brush and floss or else.

Patient’s Daily Hygiene: It’s time to think about what you don’t see!

Home Care, Home Run!

In-Office Dispensing of Professional Home Care Products: Why is it Important?

Profitability and Patient Satisfaction through Whitening

Why Understanding the Basics of Whitening is Good for your Bottom Line

Incorporating the Benefits of Electric Handpieces

Trends from the Trenches: A Periodontist’s Perspective on Dental Implants

Hemostasis Considerations for GP Surgical Procedures

Digital impressions: Our Dental Smart Phone

Disinfectant Wipes – Using them Effectively

One Cement. All Indications. One Prime Procedure.

How to Maintain a Dry Field: It Matters!

Hypersensitity Can Be Treated!

State-of-the-Art Adhesive Dentistry

What's in Your Composite Restorative?

Making Perfect Impressions for Clear Aligner Cases

Your Design & Build Questions Answered: From Small Remodels to New Clinics

Transform Your Practice with a 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue laser

The Psychology of Dental Office Design

A Comparative Review: 3D Imaging Equipment

8 Perfect Veneers From Start to Finish in Under 2 Hours: Is it Possible?

Intraoral Scanning as a Patient Engagement Tool

Comparative Workflows: Same-day Crown

Overcoming Two Major Pain Points in Practice

Investing in the Latest Sensor Technology

Easily Improve Caries Detection Protocol in Your Practice

They’re Ready When You Are – Pre-Sterilized Instruments

High Definition Endo CBCT – The Next Dimension

Keep It Clean: Dental Unit Water Line Monitoring and Shocking

Zap the Tap

Moving at the Speed of Chemical Indicators

It All Starts with Water

Infection Control Considerations: Evacuation Line Health Risk is Real

Infection Control Considerations: Dental Masks

Infection Control Considerations: Sterilization Pouches and What You Need to Know

Composite/Hybrid CAD/CAM Materials: 1) Material Class

Composite/Hybrid CAD/CAM Materials: 2) Adhesion and Luting

Composite/Hybrid CAD/CAM Materials: 3) Indications

Composite/Hybrid CAD/CAM Materials: 4) Economics

The use of Bioceramics in Endodontics

Bioceramics use in Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy

Bioceramic use in Surgical Endodontics

BioActive Restorative Materials in Endodontics

A-dec’s New 500 Equipment

Answers About the Innovative Advanced Air High-Speed Dental Handpiece

Important Factors in Building Your Dream Practice

How to Successfully Start Your Own Dental Practice

Ultrasonic Bone Surgery Utilizing Piezotome CUBE technology

Ceramir Crown & Bridge

State of the Art Implant Cement: Ceramir Bioceramic

Implant Cement Selection: Why it Matters

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Couple of great things I would not of thought about. Helpful for someone just starting out like me!
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