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With a My Dental Course promotion package, you can drive dentists to your course landing pages faster than ever. Top search results get many times the number of click throughs vs courses that show up lower in the page.

Don't forget, every click is a very high value as they already have all the information about your course before they click. Visitors coming from are very likely to convert.

We have two main promotion options:

Sponsored courses

These courses are moved to the very beginning of any relevant search. This means they will receive as many views as possible, while still remaining relevant to the search performed. Sponsored courses appear just like regular courses, but in the top 3 positions on that search. They are marked with an identifier to show the viewer that they are in fact sponsored.

Inline advertisements

Placed throughout searches no matter what the user has searched for. You can design your own eye-catching ads or have our designers do it for you. These ads have the opportunity to use unique images to catch as many eyes as possible.

To maximize effectiveness, you can enable keyword relevance and/or geotargeting which will not affect the total frequency the ad appears, but will prevent the ad from wasting appearances on irrelevant views.

Pricing Breakdown

A single ad or sponsored course$150 per month
3 or more in total$125 each per month
5 or more in total$100 each per month
6 months or more20% off
12 months or more40% off

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