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Don't Settle for the Status Quo

As a father and son dental team Dr. Bill and Dr. Lucas Stepanko were frustrated with the amount of time and effort it took to find courses for their continuing education. Listen to their stories here...

Dr. Lucas Stepanko and Dr. Bill Stepanko

Don't Settle for the Status Quo Transcript

Hey guys, my name is Dr. Lucas Stepanko.
And I'm Dr. Bill Stepanko. We're a father son dental team practicing together.
And we're the founders of

When I first graduated from dental school I wanted to continue learning and expand my dental skills, and that's when I realized how truly diffcult and time consuming it can be for dentists and the entire dental team to find continuing education courses.

We both agreed that if there was one single websites that compared dental locations, dates and prices, it would be absolutely fantastic.

And that's why we created It's an online search engine featuring thousands of dental courses with the ability to search by date, location, price and even course type.

We wanted to create a website that was made by dentists, for dentists, that was easy to use, fast and accessible.

It's really the one stop shop for dental continuing education courses across all of North America for the entire dental team.

And we'd really like to help you find your next dental CE course.

Adding to The Team

As Dr. Bill and Dr. Lucas thought about how they could solve the problem, they knew they were going to need help from someone with experience in technology and marketing.

They decided to team up with someone they had worked with for many years, Trent Wehrhahn, owner of Dental Growth Strategies and H-Cube Marketing.

Trent had also heard from multiple clients about their frustration when finding CE courses. He was excited to see what they could come up with together to solve this problem. See what Trent has to say here...

Trent Wehrhahn

Adding to The Team Transcript

Hi I'm Trent Wehrhahn with Dental Growth Strategies and Hcube Marketing.
When Dr. Bill and Dr. Lucas approached me with this idea about creating some sort of search engine that would find CE's for dentists I thought 'somebody must have done that already' because taking CE courses for dentists has been around forever.

After doing some research I realized there was nobody out there that was doing anything, at least not that I could find. The ones that did (there were a few databases out there) hardly had any courses, made it hard to compare courses if you did find them, or when you did a search is was so slow. It was painful, and I have a pet peeve about websites that are slow.

I thought well, maybe I'm missing something, so I asked around to our group of clients and everyone that I talked to said they had exactly the same problem. So I thought well, maybe there is something to this.

So I talked to my development team, said "Hey, do you think this is something that we could do? Do we want to bite this off now?" and they were all very excited about it, as long as we could get somebody to put together the database, which Dr. Bill and Dr. Lucas already had some of that in place. We've since hired a whole team of people to do that.

So we went to work! We put hundreds of hours into both development time and database research, and that doesn't even include the amount of time we sat in meetings, usually virtual zoom meetings or something like that to hash out little details of how it should look or how it should show up. Much to the horror of our development team we'd go back and say "we want to change this" or "we want to change that" sometimes there were two or three days for some small little thing that we just knew that if we did that it would be much better.

So have a look, do some searches, let us know if you find anything that you'd rather we did differently, because we're always looking to improve.

We're adding somewhere in the neighborhood of over 100 courses a month for sure, if not more, and we sure hope that we give you guys a really good experience searching for your next CE course. So, enjoy!

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