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How My Dental Course Works

How to do a search?

Searching our huge database is quick and easy. Just select the category and any other criteria you want to filter the search by and Ta Da! your results are on your screen in seconds.

How do I sort my results?

My Dental Course is built to make finding the right course simple. To do that we have created the ability to filter your search by Category, Location, Date, Who the course is intended for, Online or In person, Price, Number of CEs, Certifications and if that isn't enough you can even put in your own keyword and search by that.

What do the different colors in the search results mean?

To help you navigate through the different types of courses we have used color coding to make it easy to see at a glance if a course is held on other dates or if it is a series etc. This quick video will show you what the colors mean.

Why should I register for a free account?

There are several reasons from being able to track all of your CEs in one convenient place to being able to leave reviews on courses you've taken.

How do I create a free account?

Creating a new account should only take you a minute. Once your email is verified you are all set and ready start using the upgraded features only available with your free account.

How do I reset my password?

A password reset is as easy as clicking "forgot password" on the login page.

Or just click here to reset your password now.

How do I mark a course as one that I have already taken?

Once you've registered for your free account, marking a course as taken will allow you to keep track of all your CEs in one convenient place. You can even select courses you want included in the total if you need your CE count for a certain time period.

How do I leave a review on a course I have taken?

Whether it's good or bad, a review can help others make a decision on which courses they should take in the future. Your review helps the entire dental community. Once you have registered for your free account, leaving a review is just two clicks away.

How do I save a course to my favorites for later?

With thousands of courses in our database you may want to save just a few courses to your favorites to compare instead of scrolling back through the long list of results. Marking courses as a favorite keeps them in your account for your review later without having to search again.

I know of a course that I don't see listed on your website, how do I tell you about it?

We do have the largest database of dental courses in the world but we know we don't have them all. If you have a course you think should be included just send us the link through our contact form here.

Can I purchase courses through

No, we don't sell any of the courses listed on our site. You click through to the course page on the provider's website by clicking the big blue "COURSE WEBSITE" button on each listing.

How do I register as a course provider?

If you are a provider of one or more of the courses in our database you will want to register as a provider and claim your courses. You will be able to edit existing courses, respond to reviews, and add new courses as they become available all from your user dashboard.

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