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Clinical Occlusion: The Diagnostic Diamond

Course Provider: Stevenson Dental Solutions

Course Category: Occlusion

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FINALLY, a HANDS-ON occlusion course! Why are your veneers chipping? Why do some patients have anterior only wear while others have posterior only wear? How and when do we need to restore VDO? Night Guard or Sleep Referral? We teach a systematic algorithm that will provide you and your patients with the best approach possible. The course will cover digital esthetically derived face bow records, the indications for and delivery of deprogrammers, centric relations records, equilibration, etc.

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$2200 USD
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Jun 4, 2021 - Jun 6, 2021
San Dimas, CA, US
21 CE Credits
This course is for:Dentists

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Apr 18, 2121
This course was jam packed with a ton of great information about the diagnostic process in dentistry including records, photos, occlusion, and much much more! I learned a lot after even taking other occlusion courses. Really looking forward to attend more of Dr. Stevenson's courses. He's a brilliant instructor and is super approachable and down to earth as well. Highly recommend!
Apr 02, 2121
I have taken almost all of Dr Stevenson's courses at the education center in the small, quiet and cozy city of San Dimas, and what I walk away most with from all those experiences I have had in learning from Dr Stevenson - is that, Dr Stevenson and his courses are each world-class and of the utmost highest quality - with his courses delivered in a fun, friendly, and down to earth way. Taking Dr Stevenson's courses have been the most rewarding experiences I've had in my entire dental career. His courses are so fun, allowed me to meet and keep in touch with other like-minded dentists, and each experience I have had at the center has each been the best dental learning experience I have ever had in my entire dental career. Each one of Dr Stevenson's courses has turned me into a better, and more confident dentist. This is what Dr Stevenson and his education center has meant to me. The Clinical Occlusion : Diagnostic Demand course is one of the best and most involved courses. It is a fantastic, comprehensive overview on how to simplify the approach and the thought process behind treating more complex dental cases; by expanding and simplifying the concepts of diagnosing, understanding the concepts of occlusion, comprehensive treatment planning, treatment phasing, and, ultimately working through a systematic approach and process to achieve predictable treatment results, more confidently. Dr Stevenson teaches through lectures, small group discussions and demonstrations, with ample opportunity to ask any question you may have. And in this course, we had hands-on practice sessions working on each other. Through all this, this course has ultimately reached it's aim in building up my confidence on how to think through and treat more difficult cases that I couldn't have before. Each day comes with a quick breakfast to start the day, many types of beverages and a bunch of snacks available throughout the entire day, catered lunch, or often we got the pleasure of experiencing a delicious (!!) homemade lunch for the entire group prepared by Dr Stevenson's wife Savi, all served family style in the safe, warm and cozy environment of the center (for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike)! All the work is done in a spacious high-quality lab, where you have your own work station, and you get to learn and use the materials and tools that Dr Stevenson recommends and uses himself. With all the work space you have for yourself, you are still close yet to Dr Stevenson to provide for a close, intimate learning experience within the entire group. Dr Stevenson is literally the best dental educator I have ever learned from, has made dentistry easier to understand, more fun and enjoyable, less scary and more predictable, and ultimately, his courses have made me a more confident dentist. And these courses have renewed my motivation and joy in dentistry. Dr Stevenson pushes us to treat patients better and more confidently. Each one of his courses has helped me reach that end. For me, the involved Diagnostic Demand course embodies all this. This education center has changed my dental career. Thank you Doctor Stevenson, and Savi. So much.
Stevenson Dental Solutions
Apr 02, 2121
Dear Dr. YKC, it’s great dentists like you that motivate me to improve. Thank you for this beautiful testimony! Wishing you the best, Dr. Stevenson
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